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Instructor: Adrienne Collins   
Last weeks of School

Thursday, May 26th- Open House 5:30- 6:30

This is a time for your students to show off all of their hard work this year. Meet at our classroom K-1 for a presentation and room tour.

Friday, June 3rd- Annual Awards 11:45-12:20

Students receiving an academic award from me will receive a note and a call from the office. Students receiving attendance awards will be notified by a phone call from the office.

This is also Beach Day at school. Students are encouraged to wear beach attire to school keeping in mind school dress code.

Monday, June 6th- Lunch Day

We will go to the cafeteria and eat pizza “just like the big kids”. Each child will need to bring $2.10 to pay for their lunch. If they already have a lunch account they can use that instead of brining cash

Tuesday, June 7th - Water Fun Day

We will have water games, a craft, bubbles and a hot dog lunch on our playground. The students will need to wear clothes that can get wet and dry quickly as well as a towel and sunscreen. Also, please be sure to bring in the items you were assigned to bring for this day.

Wednesday, June 8th- Pajama Day

Wear your pajamas and bring your teddy bear. We will watch a movie and have popcorn for our last day of Kindergarten.

Book Bridges

May 16, 2016

Dear Parents,  

First, I would like to say a very sincere thank you to all of you for the wonderful gifts and kind words last week. It meant a lot to me and your students have all made me prouder than words can express by all of their hard work this year. So again, thank you!

Second, we have a very busy schedule for our last 18 days of school. The kids are very excited about our year coming to an end. This next week will be our last week for Book Bridges. After that, I will not be sending any books home. I have to account for all of them and get them turned into our school’s book-room. Please be sure to check around the house for any books or materials that belong to me or the school and return them. Please continue to read the paper books that your child has brought home or any books that you may have at home for the reading log on the homework. Thank you for your help and understanding in this matter.

Adrienne Collins

May Language Arts
We are coming to the end of our school year. During the next couple of weeks, I will be doing end of the year assessments. We will also continue learning about the different kinds of animals and their characteristics. As well as, writing our own non-fiction books.
Letters Taught:
Aa, Mm, Pp, Ss, Tt, Ii, Nn, Cc, Oo, Ff, Hh, Dd, Rr, Ee, Bb, Ll, Kk, ck, Uu, Gg, Ww, Xx, Vv, Jj, Qq
Word-Wall Words: a, am, and, are, at, because, big, can, come, day, do, for, friend, go, going, has, have, he, here, I, if, in, is, it, like, look, little, love, my, me, on, play, said, saw, see, school, she, the, this, to, they, was, we, went, what, you
May Math
This month students will begin to:
Represent teen number compositions and decompositions as addition sentences. Represent teen number decomposition as 10 ones and some ones, and find a hidden part. Decompose teen numbers as 10 ones and some ones; compare some ones to compare the teen numbers.
10 3

13 = 10 +3
10 + 3 = 13
13 – 3 = 10
May News
Crazy Sock Day May 13th-. Students are encouraged to show their school spirit by wearing crazy socks!
Spirit Day: May 20th wear Wildwood colors.
No school: Friday May 27th or May 30th.
Kinder Open House: May 26th from 5:30-6:30 pm. Come and enjoy your child’s learning this year as they show you their classroom and sing for you.
Trimester Awards: Trimester Awards will be given out on May 3rd. If your child is receiving an award from me I will attach a notice to their homework the last week of May. If you student is receiving an attendance award you will be receiving a phone call from the school as notification.
For your planning- The Kindergarten classes will be having an end of the year water day on June 7th. We will need lots of help to make this a successful day.

April News
Spirit Day: April 8, we will be performing at 9:00. Your student received a note asking that they wear an orange shirt for the performance. All of the kinder classes will be forming a rainbow.
Book fair: 4/11-4/15 we will go as a class on 4/14.
No School: We do not have school on April 22. It is a district holiday.
Spirit Day Recognition Awards: If your student is receiving a recognition award at our April performance you will receive a notification from me and a phone call from the school.
Career Dress Up Day- On this day students are encouraged to dress up as the “career” they would like to have when they grow up.

April Language Arts
We are staring a new life science unit. We will be discussing the difference between living and non-living things. As well as, what living things need to survive and how they change over time. We will also be planting sunflower seeds to observe how they change and grow over time. Our writing focus continues to be writing a story that has a clear beginning, middle and end (At least 3 sentences).
Letters Taught: Aa, Mm, Pp, Ss, Tt, Ii, Nn, Cc, Oo, Ff, Hh, Dd, Rr, Ee, Bb, Ll, Kk, ck,
Word-Wall Words: a, am, and, are, at, because, big, can, come, day, do, for, friend, go, going, have, here, I, in, is, it, like, little, love, me, my, of, on, play, said, saw, see, school, the, this, to, was, we, went, what, you

April Math
In our next Unit students will count two separate parts within teen numbers 10 ones and some ones. They will start by counting 10 items to understand 10 ones. They will begin saying numbers the “Ten way”. For example:
ten one = 11
ten two = 12
ten three = 13
ten four = 14
ten five = 15
ten six = 16
ten seven = 17
ten eight = 18
ten nine = 19
2 ten = 20

Students will also use a Rekenrek to model numbers to 20. They will gain a better understanding of the composition and decomposition of teen numbers as ten ones and some more ones. Students will use vertical towers, arrays, linear and circular configuration to represent teen numbers. A final focus of this unit will have students exploring beyond the teen numbers up to 100 both the regular way (ten, twenty, thirty, etc.) and the Say Ten way (ten, 2 ten, 3 ten, etc.) They will realize the number sequence 0-9 is repeated as they count to 100.

March News
Read Across America- Tuesday, March 2nd is read across America day. To celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday we will wear our Pajamas to school, have guest readers and doing fun projects all week.
Report Cards-Report cards will be handed out on February 29. .
Spring Break- We start our spring vacation on March 21 and return to school on April 4.
Field Trip: We will be going to The Children’s Museum in Palm Desert on April 16. Students need to arrive at school no later than 7:45 am. The buses leave at 8:00. Look for permission slips and information in the homework packs
Bunny Hop Fundraiser: Our PTA will be hosting a walk-a-thon fundraiser called the “Bunny Hop”. This will be a fun and healthy way for our students to support our PTA. Look for info in Homework packs.
March Language Arts
We are continuing our study of weather and the water cycle. We will also be doing a science experiment to see what will sink and float. In writing, our focus has been to write a story that has a clear beginning, middle and end (At least 3 sentences).
Letters Taught:
Aa, Mm, Pp, Ss, Tt, Ii, Nn, Cc, Oo, Ff, Hh, Dd, Rr, Ee, Bb, Ll
Word-Wall Words: a, am, and, are, at, be, because, can, come, day, do, for, go, going, have, here, I, in, is, it, like, little, love, my, me, on, play, said, see, school, the, this, to, we, went, what, you

March Math
We have started working on counting objects to 100 and correctly identifying and writing the number using place value for ones, tens, and hundreds. Please reinforce these concepts at home. We have also started doing basic addition and subtraction. You have seen this work coming home in the form of number bonds and pictures.
We use the terminology:” addition means to put together and subtraction means to take away”. If your student has difficulty with doing the problems on our homework, please get out concrete objects for them to use such as blocks or beans.
February News
Valentines Day- We will be having a Valentine’s party on Friday Feb. 12. We will pass out valentine cards and do some art projects. Please just have your child sign 25 cards and not address them to the other students (this takes too long to pass out since they can’t all read each other’s names).
School Holidays- We do not have school on 2/8 & 2/15.
Barnes & Noble Nigh 2/11- B&N will be hosting WES for an exciting night of activities. For more information check out our school website.
Box tops, Water Bottles, and soda tabs- Our class is still collecting Box Tops, Water Bottles and soda Tabs. The Box Tops help our school purchase playground equipment, the water bottles help 5th grade science camp, and the soda tabs go to support the Ronald McDonald House. Keep sending them in.
Spring Pictures- Spring pictures will be taken on February 17. Only students who bring back their order form will take pictures.
February Language Arts
We have just finished up our science unit in the water-cycle. We discussed the vocabulary terms: evaporation, water vapor, cycle, and precipitation.
We will also begin our unit on our Country and symbols.
Letters Taught:
Aa, Mm, Pp, Ss, Tt, Ii, Nn, Cc, Oo, Ff, Hh, (Coming-Dd, Rr)
Word-Wall Words: a, am, and, are, at, because, can, come, day, friend, go, going, have, here, I, in, is, it, like, love, me, my, on, play, see, school, the, to, we, went
February Math
We are beginning our new unit on Number Pairs and Addition and Subtraction to 10. They will begin to harness practiced counting abilities, knowledge of the value of numbers, and work with embedded numbers to reason and solve addition and subtraction expressions and equations.
New vocabulary: This unit will also have some new vocabulary that the students will need to learn.
Composing- two parts can be joined to make a
Decomposing- How a whole can be broken into two
Number Bond- A tool that can be used to
compose or decompose a number.
Equation- Number sentence etc. 5=2+3
January Information
Welcome Back- Thank you all for the wonderful gifts. I feel much appreciated by all of you!
I hope everyone had a wonderful vacation and are back ready to learn a lot.
School Holiday- We do not have school on January 18 in observance of MLK holiday.
Classroom Supplies- Our class is in need of hand sanitizer, tissue, and hand soap. We are in the middle of cold and flu season. These supplies help to keep us healthy and at school. Thank you.
Mid-Year Awards- January 22 @ 11:55-12:15 Students will be honored in the areas of Academic Excellence and perfect attendance. If your child is being honored for Academics Excellence they will receive a note from me letting parents know. If they are being given a Perfect Attendance Award the office will call and inform you. Further explanation can be found in our Principal’s Newsletter from fall 2015 on our school website
January Language Arts
Our focus this month is reading and writing non-fiction. We will be discussing the elements of this type of writing, as well as, learning about the water cycle to illustrate this point. The students will also continue their learning of how to summarize a text and begin to write their own non-fiction writing piece.
We will also be starting reading groups focused on individual student levels.
Our focus in science will be learning about the water cycle and weather.
Letters Taught:
Aa, Mm, Pp, Ss, Tt, Ii, Nn, Cc, Oo, (coming up Ff)
Word-Wall Words: a, am, and, at, can, come, go, going, have, here, I, in, is, it, like, love, me, my, see, the, to, we, went

January Math
We continue working on reading and writing numbers to 20 independently, as well as, identifying numbers out of numerical sequence to 20 and beyond.
This month students will begin to keep their own weather and temperature graph in class.
The students have also begun working on using tally marks as a way of counting.
We have also begun working on adding using the terms: joining, in all, together, plus, addition, whole, and part.
We will continue to work on the concept through out the rest of the year.

December Update

Dear Families,
This is our last two weeks before Winter Break. Our last day is Thursday, December 17th. I would like to take this time to wish you all a healthy and happy vacation. We will be returning to school on Tuesday, January 5th.
This week will be our last week for homework, Book Bridges, and Math Bags. Next week, instead please take the time to read a story with your child and just enjoy the holiday season. Also, please make sure that all reading books and math bags have been turned in.
We will be having our winter celebration on Wednesday December 16th. On this day we will be decorating cookies and doing other center activities. We need at least 5 parent volunteers to help make sure it all runs smoothly. I am also asking that some items be donated. I will put up a sheet on our window with the items listed. If you are unable to check our window, just send me an email and I can sign you up to send in an item.
Thank you,
Adrienne Collins
December news
Thank you- Thank you all for taking the time to meet with me regarding your student’s progress.
Holiday Shop- This is a great opportunity for students to have fun choosing their own special holiday gifts for their friends and family. Students shop without their parents.
Winter Celebration- December 16 @ 10:10. We will be having a class cookie decorating party with some center activities. I will be sending home a flyer regarding how you can help our class on this date.
Toy Drive- Our Student council will be hosting a toy drive from December 1-11. Please send in an un-wrapped toy.
December Language Arts
Our focus this month will be reading and discussing holiday books and fairytales. We have begun working on summarizing text that we have read focusing on: Characters, setting, problem, and solution. We have also written a class summary that focused on stating only the important facts after reading a non-fiction story.
In writing, we are focusing on complete sentences that match our illustrations.

Letters Taught:
Aa, Cc, Mm, Pp, Ss, Tt, Ii, Nn, (coming up Oo)
Word-Wall Words: a, am, at, can, go, going, here, have, I, like, love, my, see, the, to, we, went
December Math
We have started working on reading and writing numbers to 20 independently. As well as, identifying numbers out of numerical sequence.
Our math bags this month will reinforce this concept. Remember, the bags stay at home Monday through Thursday and returned on Friday.
We are continuing work and finishing our unit on weight, length and capacity.
November News
Parent Conferences- parent conferences are scheduled for November 1-20. I will be scheduling my conferences from 12:30-3:30, after our Kindergarten day. Please return your conference slips as soon as possible. Minimum days do not affect our regular schedule.
Food Drive: November 2-13
Veteran’s Day- No school November 11.
Friendship Day- On November 20th we will have a friendship celebration. I am asking that each student bring in a piece of fruit to add to our “Friendship Fruit Salad”.
School Vacation- No school, November 23- 27.

November Language Arts
This month we will be starting our science unit on matter. We will be discussing what matter is and the different forms it can take (solid, gas, liquid). In Social Studies we will learn about how people and places are different now as compared to the past. We will be reading, writing, and discussing these topics. As well as writing summaries using these topics. Please ask your student what they are learning in class.
Letters Taught: A/a, M/m, P/p, S/s, T/t, I/i
Word Wall Words: a, am, at, can, dad, go, going, I, like, mom, my, see, the, we, went

November Math
We have begun reading and writing numbers to 20 independently. As well as understanding the concept of quantities matching numerals. An example would be 10 and 2 more to make 12. This is the standard for our second trimester. Please work on theses concepts at home. Also, we are beginning to discuss adding and subtracting. We will be discussing this concept as, “addition means to put together and subtraction means to take away”.

October News
Field Trip- 10/15 Turn in permission slip by 10/12. More info to come with the permission slip.
Halloween- Our School Carnival will be on 10/24 from 11-3. Please plan to attend and volunteer to work at our booth. We will dress up on 10/30 and have a small class party at the end of the day.
Common Core Standards- Please check my class web-page for a link to the new State Standards for Kindergarten. These are the things your child is expected to have mastered by the end of our year.
Parent Conferences- parent conferences are scheduled for November 11/16-11/20. I will be scheduling my conferences from 12:30-3:30 after our Kindergarten day. Minimum days do not affect our regular class schedule.
Book bridges and Math Bags- Book bridges are to be returned daily so that students get lots of experience reading new books. Math bags are returned on Fridays.
October Language Arts
The kids have begun writing stories that relate an event in their lives using phonetic spelling (using the sounds that they hear). Please ask and discuss with them at home what they wrote about in class or help them plan a new story. For example, if you visit the pumpkin patch encourage them to write about it in class.
We have also begun reading simple patterned text with lots of picture support. You can help with their nightly reading by asking them to locate known words, point to the words as they read, and talk about the pictures.
In science we are learning about our five senses and learning how to think like a scientist. As, well as, creating thinking maps showing the five senses: Sight, touch, taste, hearing, and smell. We will also begin learning about the four seasons and how they affect us.
Letters Taught: Mm, Aa, Ss, Pp
Word-Wall Words: a, am, at, can, dad, I, like, mom, the, we, went
October Math
We are finishing up our unit on numbers to 10. We have been working on different configurations to make the same number. Our Math bag for October will continue to focus and reinforce this skill.
Our new unit of study will be plane and solid figures.
We are continuing work on identifying plane shapes: circle, square, triangle, rectangle, hexagon, rhombus, and trapezoid.
As well as, exploring solid shapes (sphere, cylinder, cone, and cube). Please help your student Identify these figures in everyday situations.
, , ,

We Have also, started focusing on our class calendar discussing the number of the day, and keeping track of important events.
Office Display
Take a minute and walk trough our Main school office. Kindergarten has displayed some student art work and writing. Our class are very busy caterpillars that are gobbling up learning!

September Information

Class Rules- the Students chose these as our class rules.

1. We can raise our hands.

2. We can be quiet.

3. We can do our best and learn

4. We can keep our hands and feet to


5. We can stay in our own space bubble.

Book Bridges- We will begin bringing books home on September 28th. Look for them. Read them with your child and return them to class daily.

Volunteer Meeting- if you plan on volunteering in class please come to a short meeting in my room on September 23rd at 12:25.

Spirit Day- Students wear our school colors of red and black. Order forms have been sent home.

Picture Day- September 18th. We will take our pictures first thing and check your child’s back pack for the order forms.

Box-tops and Pull-Tabs, - Please continue to send these in as they serve as Fundraisers to support our PTA with, playground equipment and the Ronald McDonald house.

Bring Your Parents to Lunch- This is a day for you to eat lunch at school with your child and then shop at the Brook fair. You just need to sign in in the office, pickup your student at 12:20 and eat with them a lunch you bring. Then shop!
Family Book Fair Night- Our book fair will open at 5:30 for families to come and Shop.
September Language Arts

We are continuing to working on learning all upper and lower case letters. Especially: a, t, g. we are calling these letters the “computer letters” We are also working on writing our names attending to capitals and lower case. To help facilitate our writing time please discuss with your child any activity that they could draw and write about in class. They are learning that they are authors and have great stories to tell.

We have also started reading simple pattern books that have lots of picture support. We read daily from our book boxes. We know to read left to right, to check the picture for help, and to point to each word as we read. Please reinforce this at home when you do your nightly reading

Word-Wall Words: am, can, I

September Math

In math we are talking about correct number formation and the difference between letters and numbers. I have introduced the idea of one-to-one matching when counting and different ways to show the same amount, as well as, number identification to 5.

We have started using the vocabulary: sort, compare, and pattern.

The students have also begun making entries into a Math Journal. They use tis journal to record their learning of math concepts.

We have also made our first monthly calendar please go over the letter that was sent home with it on follow up activates you can do with your student at home.

Scholastic Magazine
Dear Parent/Caregiver,
I would like to purchase an early learning magazine for all of the students in our class. This essential instructional resource helps me teach your child about the real world and gets them excited to read and learn. In each issue we’ll learn about plants, animals, seasons, and so many other important topics. The magazine also features simple, predictable nonfiction and activities that prepare your child for the
types of reading they’ll be doing in grade school and beyond. With your contribution, your child will receive his or her own issues throughout the school year, and have access to great online learning features like videos, games, Text-to-Speech audio, and more. These features build the academic skills children need
Your help in making this valuable resource a part of your
child’s education is greatly appreciated. Please send cash or a check made payable to SCHOLASTIC INC. in the amount of $ 5.00, (plus 10% shipping and handling), so that we can start using this resource as soon as possible. Thank you for your support in helping me make your child’s education as meaningful and successful as possible.
Adrienne Collins

First Week Letter
August 17, 2015
Dear Families,
We are off to a great beginning. Thank you for all of the class supplies. We will definitely use them throughout the year. Last week we established our classroom routines and took a tour of our school. We did this to help us get familiar with the school and the people who work here. We also learned how to read and write the word ‘I’. We have started keeping track of the days we have been in school and using patterns on our calendar.
I just have a couple of news items for everyone. Please be sure to go through your child’s backpack every day. They will be putting their homework and important papers in there on a daily basis. Also our dismissal time is 12:20. This is also when my lunch or reading groups begin. Please be prompt when picking up your student so that they do not have to wait in the office.
Also, coming home this week will be a note and the first letter of your student’s name. Please read the letter, complete the assignment, and return your student’s letter on Friday. This will be our only homework for the week.
If you need to get a hold of me remember I can be contacted by calling the school at 790-8521 or emailing me at Adrienne_collins@ycjusd.us . Don’t forget to check out our class website at http://ycjusd.wildwood.schoolfusion.us/ . I will be updating it monthly as well as posting class pictures.

Thank You,
Adrienne Collins
I want to thank each one of you for coming today. It is encouraging to see the active interest you are taking in your child’s education. The key to your child’s success in school this year is for you to be involved in your child’s life as a Kindergartner. Read with your child every night. Hang up your child’s school work. Create a language rich environment in your home.
I want you to know I am here to support your child in her/his educational journey. If you ever have any concerns, questions, praises, or suggestions, please feel free to contact me here the school (790-8521).
I am looking forward to working with you this year! Thank you for entrusting me with your children. I will take good care of them.
Adrienne Collins

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